It's more than an

added service

Meadowbrook Landscape Management is a full service snow and ice management company serving the Luzerne and Columbia county industrial districts. Our expertise, developed over the years, has enabled us to build numerous strong commercial relationships. We have only been able to do so through our team’s dedication and commitment to quality. 

Winter to us is more than just a season to “bridge operations”.  We feel that in order to offer our clients the best possible service, we must make winter operations a sole focus 12 months out of the year.

Safety is our

main goal

When servicing “high paced” and “zero tolerance” properties, winter operations need to be more than an added service. Operations need to be a main focus. In an industrial setting, the safety of customers and employees is the main objective. Ensuring employees can enter and exit the facilities safely is the top priority in our operational response plan. Once safety for employees and personnel is established, we then take focus to the logistical aspect of the facility. Our goal during a winter event is to reduce disruption and restore the facility’s operational setting to its safest and highest level of efficiency.